Micra (1 unit) Micra Sperm Test for Sperm Count and Motility

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Unlike other home sperm analysis tests on the market, Micra is a complete sperm screening system that allows you to analyze and interpret your own results with a special microscope and interpretation guide. On the microscope lens, you will see an analysis grid that allows you to determine the amount of sperm in specified visual fields. The Micra system also allows you determine the number of motile sperm in your semen sample. Micra instructions allow you to contrast your sample with the typical normal count and motility ranges as defined by the World Health Organization. Easy-to-use, Micra allows you to accurately screen for 3 male fertility issues: azoospermia - determination of measurable sperm presence oligozoospermia - determination of a healthy sperm count of more than 20 million sperm per mL asthenospermia - sperm motility of 50% or more normal motile While sperm count is frequently the most commonly recognized male fertility parameter, sperm motility is equally critical to sperm health and achieving pregnancy. Micra allows you to determine - at home - if you may be facing these fertility obstacles so you can pursue doctor-approved therapeutic or nutritional treatments. While Micra can alert you to potential fertility issues, only a doctor can confirm a diagnosis. Features of the Micra Test: Test accurately and easily in the privacy of your home! Screen for 3 Primary Male Fertility Parameters . Includes microscope, slides, solutions, sampling accessories - a complete easy-to-use kit! Comes with comprehensive instructions to help you analyze and interpret results. Related products: FertilAid fertility supplements: Clinically proven to support male reproductive health.


Product Title: Micra (1 unit) Micra Sperm Test for Sperm Count and Motility

Manufacturer: Micra (1 unit)

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