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style house 1.25" professional hair flattener

Strengths: best I ever used, after the first time, my hair stay flat for over 2 days, must keep from washing, after that you have to do ti again,after a while i lost a lot most of the original curls.

Weakness: found none, I am very happy with this product, i think my money was well invested.

Highly recommend this product.

By friendlyuser - Jun 22, 2012

This is great flat iron. I got it while shopping at SAMs.

Strengths: Gets you hair super shiny and straight.

Weakness: None.

I just like to know where I can buy another one.

By anonymous; - Dec 21, 2012

Style House 1.25" Professional Styling Iron

Strengths: Awesome product would love to buy another just for back up!

I have been telling everybody about this product and everyone I have said something to wants one but this product is not available. Please make this style house available.

By anonymous; - Nov 2, 2012

Bought by chance at SAMS and absolutely THRILLED!

My cheapo flat iron died on me, and while walking through Sams Club I saw them. I decided what the heck might as well, and boy am I glad I did. This flat iron has been the best I have ever owned! Much better than any Chi I have owned. It has out lived all my other irons by a YEAR! Very very happy with this product!

By logan_McLeod@cox.net_539416962 - Oct 18, 2013