Fuller Brush Beech Pro Boar Bristle Hair Brush

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Fuller Brush's distinct hair brushes are world-famous, and it's easy to see why. With traditional brush styles made from top-quality materials, Fuller Brush hair brushes last for many years and are truly heirloom-quality. Their natural beauty is unrivaled and their superior performance helps to keep hair healthy and radiant. Fuller Brush's Beech wood hair brushes feature natural boar bristles and elegant beech wood handles. The Beech Professional features soft, natural boar bristles on a narrow brush and is ideal for straight, short, or fine hair. Natural boar bristles naturally take care of your hair as you brush. Each bristle has tiny scales that clean hair, removing dirt, excess oil, and scalp flakes as you brush. Boar bristles lift hair to add body and distribute natural hair oils and proteins throughout your hair, adding health, vitality, and sheen to every strand each time you brush for an all-over silky luster. Each handle is crafted from the finest beech wood, selected for its beautiful grain and individual strength. Each handle is hand-sanded and lacquered to create a durable, smooth finish and rich luster. This careful process ensures that each brush is unique and upholds the strict Fuller Brush quality standards. Fuller Brushes are made from the highest quality materials to produce beautiful, heirloom quality hairbrushes that keep hair healthy and shiny. The Beech Professional is ideal for straight, short, or fine hair of all styles.


Product Title: Fuller Brush Beech Pro Boar Bristle Hair Brush

Manufacturer: Fuller Brush

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