DEVACURL DevaCul 'DevaFue' Diffuser & Hairdryer

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Product Title: DEVACURL DevaCul 'DevaFue' Diffuser & Hairdryer

Manufacturer: DEVACURL

Power Score: 3.8 | 5 Reviews

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It's okay

The hair dryer definitely helps create perfect curls BUT it seems to take a lot longer than a typical defuser and dryer. The attachment dries less hair at one time. If they sold just the attachment and I could use it on days that I have extra time I would give it five stars. I know I can use the diffuser I already have but that makes the hairdryer part extremely expensive. I'm not sure that I...
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By Anonymous on Nordstrom - Dec 12, 2013


I LOVE this Product! I purchased it about 3 months ago and am getting ready to purchase another one for a friend. When used with the Deva products creates beautiful smooth curls with very little frizz. ( which you can eliminate with a little styling cream) GREAT PURCHASE!!!

By Anonymous on Nordstrom - Sep 12, 2013

Doesn't disrupt curls while drying them quickly!

My curls look completely different since I've started using this hairdryer and diffuser! My old diffuser: * Curl patterns were disrupted, while separating curls creating a frizzy mess * Creates friction between the curls during drying process * Frizzy, dry, aggravated hair DevaFuser: * Ion technology difference - I can see my hair isn't frying or being damaged * 360 degree airflow thru the...
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By Anonymous on Nordstrom - Sep 2, 2013

Awkward and Clumsy

I love hair tools. There are always innovations that don't necessarily make our old ones obsolete, but perhaps lead us to believe it can be a shortcut, is better for our hair, etc. I have a mild or natural wave. I go back back and forth between making waves, and straightening. I have medium textured hair, color treated, and very healthy. I invest in products that make it shine and feel good. I...
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By Anonymous on Nordstrom - Aug 21, 2013

Worth Every Penny!

I love this dryer! It has improved the look of my curls tremendously. The hand diffuser gives all around airflow which speeds up drying time. My curls are dry, beautiful and frizz free in under 15 minutes!

By Anonymous on Nordstrom - Mar 17, 2013

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