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Hair Shampoo - Product Reviews

Most Helpful Reviews

5 Star Review Ojon Haircare Restorative Hair Treatment 5 oz.


lg744960 - (April 15, 2005) I have enough hair for 2-3 people,that is extremely coarse thick curly and long down to my back. I saw and felt results with the first use, I'm allmost ashamed to say that I spent $800.00 and stocked up on this product, because it truly is extraordinary. I have bounce shine softness, and softness to my curls. My mood was even better because every time I looked in the mirror I was impressed by what I saw. I love this product and I would re comend it to any one. As I said I have extremely thick curly coarse hair but I promise everybody else that it's not a heavy Vaseline feeling product that will weigh your hair down. It just natrually gives back your hair what age weather and hair products ha

1 Star Review WASH 'N CURL??


cortneygirl - (September 22, 2005) -Doesn't indicate that it's for straight to curly hair (which it's NOT!) -I bought this product thinking that my stick straight hair was going to be curly after I used this shampoo! I was wrong. I let it sit for 5 minutes after I washed and rinsed it once, came out of the shower, and my hair was still straight as a stick. You would think that this product would mention that it's for people who have perms or curly hair already, and this product adds extra bounce. It doesn't do anything for me. I just want people to be aware of this product. Also, if people have sensitive skin, do not use this product. It is making my scalp itch and burn. :) Thanks for listening!

5 Star Review the best buy


flamefun - (January 21, 2006) the best that you will ever get not those krappy rippoff ones that you buy for 5 dollars at the so claimed one dollar store believe me it is the best buy

Latest Reviews

4 Star Review Good shampoo & conditioner

Anonymous - (09/14/2013) Very luxurious feeling and smells good. Made my colored red hair even prettier. Hair feels clean and like a salon wash.

3 Star Review Didn't work for me

Anonymous - (09/14/2013) I have used other Greyl producst to great results. For some reason, this one makes my hair flat and dull. I meticously read reviews before purchasing and know this was highly rated but it didn't work on my color-treated hair.

5 Star Review Great Product

Anonymous - (09/14/2013) This 3 in 1 is awesome, what stood out the most is how my hair feels and looks after I use it. Great product

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