Norelco Philips Norelco Replacement Screen and Cutter fits BG2020


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Norelco foil screen and cutter blade for BG2020 Norelco Body Groomer.

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hair removal type: shave_trim


Product Title: Norelco Philips Norelco Replacement Screen and Cutter fits BG2020

Manufacturer: Norelco

Lowest Price: $17.99 from Fullfillment By Amazon

Power Score: 4.6 | 15 Reviews

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Great Product

Strengths: Good wet and dry, comfortable shave

Weakness: None

I've been using this product for about 8 months, and it has been great. I used to try and use razors and other power trimmers to take care of unwanted hair. When I saw this product, I figured I would try it. Definitely worth the money, I get a close, clean, comfortable shave everytime, and no problems when taking care of some of the more sensitive areas. Great product.

By anonymous; - Aug 29, 2007

Well, it was cheap

Strengths: Wet/dry op Rechargable Great marketing

Weakness: Doesn't work all that well Comb attachments are near worthless Cheap battery

I bought this to use wet in the shower. I would say it doesn't work as well as I thought it would. It takes several passes to remove hair and even then it doesn't get nearly as close as a blade does (with just a single stroke). The other reviewers are right about the attachments--they suck--difficult to put on and take off, and they just don't work as well as attachments for other shavers of this...
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By d_esmond - May 9, 2007

Very handy

Strengths: Long battery life. Lightweight and cordless. Simply works very well.

Weakness: None really, though Phillips had a rebate for this on their website which was corrupt every time I tried to download.

It's a product I can recommend to others. Very handy to have (except for nose/ear which another product works well for that). The battery lasts a long time as well. Safe and effective; doesn't cut up skin like a traditional electric razor cutter.

By ryanbrancel - May 2, 2007

Good Shaver

Strengths: Well-built, can be used in the shower, great for sensitive areas

Weakness: The attachments don't work well (i.e. difficult to trim hair with the attachments)

The body groom is a great shaver to clean up hairy areas all over your body. It's gentle and doesn't irritate sensitive areas, and doesn't give you ingrown hairs that normal shaving might leave you. Aside from the one weakness mentioned above, it's a solid product.

By nanos203 - Feb 1, 2007


Strengths: no cord, good maneuverability

Weakness: does not work well in shower

I really like this product. I bought if for my son and he really liked it. I decided to buy one for myself. I use it mainly to trim my sideburns and clean up my neck hair in between haircuts. It is very gentle but i use it more with the guards. It is a safe product to use but this is a trade off with the fact that the guards are pretty flimsy.

By kumarng - Jan 30, 2007

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