Coralife Super Skimmer Needle Wheel Protein Skimmer 65 gallon

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Product Title: Coralife Super Skimmer Needle Wheel Protein Skimmer 65 gallon

Manufacturer: Coralife

Lowest Price: $94.99 from PETCO

Power Score: 3.6 | 73 Reviews

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great but weired.

It's a good skimmer but it's way to big. I used to only buy eshopps products but heard this was good. Great price. The fine adjustments worked well until I moved the pump just a little to change the filter material. Now the fine a adjustments are fully on or fully closed. Been doing this along time never seen one so picky. I would recommend that you use the tube provided with the skimmer to run...
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By CHRIS HILL on - Jun 30, 2014

Good skimmer

This is a great skimmer, but it is geared more for a sump then a hang on the back at least if you want a lid on your tank. I had to refit my lid to accommodate the return of this skimmer to this 65 Tall tank which has a two inch opening in the back. I do have a Refugium, but my space below my tank is severely limited. Coralife's did not state what opening was needed to accommodate this return...
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By JAMES HOLLOPETER on - Apr 3, 2014

Good Skimmer

Simple to setup, There is NO PLACE for this thing to leak not like the first skimmer (different product) that I ordered. Yuck in the cup in less than 6 hours. I would buy this product again if the need came about.

By STAN RANDALL on - Mar 23, 2014


Perhaps I'm not using the skimmer correctly, but I find the fine adjustment to be not so fine. I have the skimmer hanging outside my sump with the powerhead inside the sump. Just as I had my previous Coralife smaller skimmer located. With the water level in the sump as marked for the old skimmer, I cannot seem to adjust the flow knob to operate correctly. It either continues to flood the...
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By WILLIAM CONNOLLY on - Feb 27, 2014


Best skimmer I've ever had. Doesn't leak, isn't loud and cleans so much out of my tank. Worth the money

By LINDA ANDERSON on - Feb 11, 2014

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