AquaScoop Face Cream Moisturizer

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StrixadermMD AquaScoop moisturizes, hydrates and nourishes the skin, binding moisture to the skin's outer layer to provide a tightening and firming effect. Clinically tested, regular use of AquaScoop can prevent skin problems such as over dryness, fine lines, itching, peeling and cracking while helping maintain suppleness, plumpness and elasticity. The result is a healthier, more radiant and youger looking skin. SKIN BENEFITS: Instant moisturizing of all skin, including problem dry areas. Maintains skin moisture for longer periods of time by biding moisturizing properties to the skin itself. Adds a plumping and firming effect to the skin. Prevents dry, cracking and peeling skin. Maintains skin suppleness and elasticity for longer. For all skin types. STRIXADERM-MD™ AquaScoop is the ultimate moisturizing skin cream. Use of AquaScoop will not only moisturize, hydrate and nourish the skin, but will actually bind moisture to the skin, providing a tightening and fir

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skincare uses: firming, nourishing

skincare skin type: dry

skincare type: Cream


Product Title: AquaScoop Face Cream Moisturizer

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