Liquid Lense Scratch Repair Kit, Plus Eyeglass Color Tints

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As seen on TV! Easy 2 step lense scratch repair! ***IMPORTANT*** Liquid Lense will not bond to glasses treated with an Anti-Glare Solution!*** Item will be sent complete in re-mailer! How many times have you scratched your lenses and spent big bucks on costly lens replacements. Sometimes you just live with the scratches because you can't afford the replacements. Well, not anymore! Introducing Liquid Lense Plus , the revolutionary scratch treatment & color tinting kit. Liquid Lens seals the scratches in your eyeglasses, making most scratches virtually undetectable. Liquid Lense Plus also comes with a 4 color UV Additive color tints pink, blue, green and yellow. Liquid Lens Plus Color Tints are an excellent way to beutify your lenses with a selection of fashion colors. The colors can be applied and changed as often as desired to acheive a variety of stylish affects on your lenses. The color tints bond to Plastic, Polycarbonate, Glass and Crystal, which means they can also be applied to watch faces, cell phone covers and used in many decorative ways! The colors appear intense in the bottle, but when applied are actually very sheer and subtle.


Product Title: Liquid Lense Scratch Repair Kit, Plus Eyeglass Color Tints

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