Eye Zone Lifting Massager. Micro-mini Current. Battery Operated.


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This little microcurrent device works from AAA batteries (BATTERIES ARE INCLUDED). It produces very low electrical current of micro Ampere. Microcurrent is widely used by cosmetologists for the face lift treatments. Usually you need from 10 to 14 microcurrent sessions with monthly supporting treatment to maintain your results. In this case portable microcurrent device could be useful. If you spend 10-15 min as your weekly skin care routine you can save for your monthly visit. This microcurrent device is very light, easy to use and suitable for travel. Just put it in your purse and you have your own cosmetologists on hand! It is ideal microcurrent device for those who want to try the treatment before to invest in more powerful machine. In this case every day 10 min massage around the eye area during 2 weeks will show you the rejuvenating ablilities of microcurrent face lift.


Product Title: Eye Zone Lifting Massager. Micro-mini Current. Battery Operated.

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