Siemens Pure RIC 500 Hearing Aid

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IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO NY RESIDENTS: DUE TO NYS REGULATIONS, WE ARE NOT PERMITTED TO SHIP HEARING AIDS WITHIN NEW YORK STATE. THOSE RESIDENTS CAN EITHER COME PICK UP AT OUR NYC OFFICE OR SPECIFY AN OUT OF STATE SHIPPING ADDRESS. Disclaimer: Siemens recommends face-to-face fittings and adjustments for all their hearing instruments. Express Hearing Aids, your source for high end hearing aids at discount prices, presents the Siemens PURE 500 RIC (Receiver-in-Canal) Hearing System. Designed for utmost discretion, Pure packs the most advanced hearing technology into an almost invisible, ultra-small size. Pure is the ultimate in concealed hearing instruments. Pure Power - it's tiny, but it's mighty. With a very wide fitting range, Pure can be used by people whose loss was previously too severe for open dome style hearing aids. With the flexibility of three different power levels, Pure has been perfectly engineered to give you exactly the strength you need. Pure. It takes performance to a powerful new level. Pure Convenience - It doesn't get any easier than this. Pure is all about keeping things simple. It's RECHARGEABLE, so no more of the hassle and expense of battery replacement. Plus, Pure automatically synchronizes, analyzes, and adjusts volume and sound processing - so you won't have to. Even in the most difficult listening environments there's no fiddling with your instrument, no awkward adjustments. Now, hearing is more natural, more effortless than ever. Pure Individuality - Available in an array of natural hair colors and skin tones, Pure blends in perfectly, so you're the one who stands out. And, if the mood strikes you, Pure's color shell can be changed for a whole new look! Pure also automatically adjusts volume and program settings to match your surroundings.


Product Title: Siemens Pure RIC 500 Hearing Aid

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