Siemens Intuis BTE Hearing Aid

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Express Hearing Aids brings you the Siemens Intuis line of BTE hearing instruments. PLEASE NOTE: Only the Intuis Life is open fit - all other models of Intuis requires a custom made earmold, which is NOT INCLUDED. You must get one made at your local hearing professional BEFORE you can use the Intuis S Dir, Dir, or SP Dir. The ear mold is NOT included in our price. Designed to deliver some of the latest hearing technology advances in performance, reliability, and comfort. INTUIS features: Directional microphone technology in most models Feedback cancellation is standard in every model Noise reduction technology is standard in every model AutoPhone automatic telecoil available on most custom models Quality is built into every detail: Reliability is a standard feature in every INTUIS hearing instrument. Every hearing instrument must stand up to rigorous conditions like perspiration, humidity, and cerumen - natural conditions that all hearing instrument wearers experience. INTUIS is engineered for long-term performance, using advanced technological breakthroughs in dependability and quality. Custom models are built using a new proprietary process of receiver placement that ensures maximum mechanical stability. Plus, custom instruments are available with C-Guard, the latest in wax protection. Using a thin membrane-like seal over the receiver, C-Guard protects by preventing cerumen, as well as moisture and other debris, from entering the receiver, while remaining acoustically transparent. And, INTUIS BTEs feature nanocoating - a housing finish pioneered exclusively by Siemens. Nanocoating actually repels perspiration, moisture, and debris to decrease the likelihood that these substances many damage the instruments.


Product Title: Siemens Intuis BTE Hearing Aid

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