Siemens Hearing Instruments Siemens Pure 301 BTE RIC Hearing Aid

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Siemens Pure 301, one of the world's most advanced hearing aids ever created, combines a cosmetically appealing look with the smooth sound an internal speaker. Pure is integrated with the latest in digital signal processing technology; including many proprietary features which include: eWindScreen - filters out unwanted noise caused by airflow or wind. FeedbackBlocker - cancels unwanted whistling that would otherwise be caused by feedback, automatically. Wireless and Remote Control Compatibility: ePen: an optional pen sized remote that allows the user to control volume and programs. ProPocket: an optional hand-held device, allows the user to control volume and programs. Tek: the most advanced optional remote control, will allow you to connect your hearing instrument to Bluetooth compatible devices or any other audio device (that has an audio output jack) such as: TVs, MP3 players, computers, and cell phones - wirelessly. e2e Wireless 2.0: a revolutionary technology, allows binaural program, sound, and volume synchronization - wirelessly and automatically between left and right hearing instruments (if two Pures are used together; second hearing instrument sold separately). Durability: Nanocoating, a barrier created around the casing, provides extra durability as well as resistance to most forms of moisture. Rechargeable Battery and Charger Compatibility: Inserting an optional rechargeable size 312 battery (sold separately) into your Pure you can charge up to two of these hearing instruments simultaneously in an optional easy-to-use charger (sold separately). After six hours of charging the Pure, it is ready to work all day long. For additional convenience, your Pure can use a standard zinc-air size 312 battery as well.


Product Title: Siemens Hearing Instruments Siemens Pure 301 BTE RIC Hearing Aid

Manufacturer: Siemens Hearing Instruments

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