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Bonnie bell skin musk Oil

Strengths: It smells beautiful and people always comment and ask me what it is when I am wearing it and where can they purchase it. Friends know I am in their presence by its beautiful distinct perfume.

Weakness: It doesn't have any apart from the fact that I can't buy it anywhere. When I found out it was no longer available I bought all avaiable stock from every pharmacy in Cairns Nth Queensland Australia.

Please put this back on the market or produce a tone of it that will last me the rest of my life. I have had from sweet elderly gentlemen to young adult males stop me in the street and ask me what perfume I am wearing and where they could purchase it from. They are bewildered that it is no longer produced. I have only 1/2 a bottle left and am desperate to get some more. PLEASE HELP

By skinmusklover - Jan 6, 2006

skin musk oil

Strengths: classic fragrance that compliments the body chemistry.

Weakness: it is unavailable.

I discovered skin musk oil in 1986 while living in Germany. A friend was having it mailed to her from the states. I began to wear it as my every-day scent. I have had compliments from little children (I was a teacher), from men who didn't know me (a man followed me around a convenience store and finally apologized, saying he was spell-bound!), and girlfriends who wanted to wear it. In 1989 I found a gift set at Christmas that included some hand cream. WONDERFUL! Unfortunately, now I can only find the spray cologne, which is weak and doesn't last. If/when I see any bottles of the oil (has been 2 years) I buy every bottle on the shelf.

By anonymous; - Jan 5, 2011

bonne bell skin musk

Strengths: the scent is perfect for me

Weakness: can not find in stores anymore

why are you discontinuing this scent? It has been perfect for me. Are you selling it under another name? I always receive positive comments when wearing this scent. Please bring this back to the stores; perhaps with another name but same packaging so that consumers know it is the same scent.

By anonymous; - Oct 12, 2005

bonne bell skin musk oil

Strengths: better than any other perfume

I am out of this product and want to purchase more of it. Where can I find it? We had purchased it at Pigeon Forge TN years ago and I ordered two more bottles from somewhere in Ohio. I can no longer find the place or the perfume. Connie

By anonymous; - Aug 14, 2005