StriVectin -SD Intensive Concentrate for Stretch Mark & Wrinkles 5oz


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Free Shipping + 3 Free Beauty Samples! New StriVectin-SD is a super-charged comprehensive skin-repair cream for stretch marks, wrinkles and aging skin. Formulated with the brand’s patented NIA-114 technology and Collagex-CE Wrinkle Repair Complex, the potent treatment is clinically proven to transform the look of your skin in just 15 days. More science. Fewer wrinkles.What is it? The stretch-mark cream turned anti-wrinkle phenomenon, now formulated with our proprietary complex of 8% NIA-114 and peptide actives to improve the appearance of wrinkles and stretch marks in just 2-8 weeks. And even better, results keep improving over time, if you keep using StriVectin products twice a day. Along with the science, you get an incredible value. The average jar of anti-aging cream is 1.7 oz. With StriVectin-SD, you get a full 5 oz. of the hardest-working formula in the industry.What does it do? StriVectin-SD diminishes the appearance of stretch marks and wrinkles, improves visible discolorations, hydrates, improves texture and tone of the skin, along a clinically proven timeline. Brand: Strivectin. Style Name: StriVectin-SD Advanced Intensive Concentrate for Wrinkles & Stretch Marks. Style Number: 321207. Available In Stores. Manufacturer part number 003451 5 ozNoncomedogenic A small group of first-time users may experience a blushing effect upon first application, which should typically last no more than 1-2 hours If uncomfortable, apply a cold compress To gauge your skin's tolerance before use, apply a patch test of product to the jaw line or side of the neck and monitor the area for at least 30 minutes


Product Title: StriVectin -SD Intensive Concentrate for Stretch Mark & Wrinkles 5oz

Manufacturer: StriVectin

Lowest Price: $139.00 from Nordstrom

Power Score: 4.7 | 9 Reviews

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Incorrect Advertising

My package arrived today and I'm disappointed to find out that the small tube I ordered is only 0.35 Oz (says on the box) and Not 0.5 Oz as advertised. That is 30% difference! Not cool Nordstrom. Please correct your information on this webpage.

By Anonymous on Nordstrom - Mar 25, 2014

Love this face cream

StriVectin-SD is so great! It's not greasy at all and soaks in the skin quickly. And it seems to stay on all day because when I wash my face in the evening, I can feel it washing off. My skin is super smooth and completely moisturized. Excellent product.

By Anonymous on Nordstrom - Dec 6, 2013

Miracle in one tube!

This cream helped to neutralize my silver, purple, red, and dark brown stretch marks from my previous pregnancy. Within 1 month, the skin on my belly felt more taught and smoother in texture. On my face this moisturizer replenished hydration, firmness, and luminosity. I love that I can use one moisturizer for my face and my body that will deliver life changing results!

By Anonymous on Nordstrom - Nov 1, 2013

Smoother skin now

I use this on my face, hands, and stomach. While I haven't noticed much change in the stretch marks on my stomach the skin on my face and hands is so much smoother. Will definitely keep using.

By Anonymous on Nordstrom - Nov 1, 2013

Great Treatment for Eyes

My sagging upper eye lids benefited from this product. It tightened up the skin and made it more pliable.

By Anonymous on Nordstrom - Oct 25, 2013

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