Lauricidin® Epi-Shield 4oz jar


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Epi-Shield® TOPICAL LAURICIDIN Provides Relief For Almost Any Skin Ailment Quickly And Safely | Using The Time-Tested Proven Healing Power Of Lauricidin®, is it the most effective moisturizer on the market, but when you combine it with the powerful healing abilities of Lauricidin® you will experience a powerful synergistic effect. You can rest assured that Lauricidin products are backed by over 40 years of research and scientific studies in real world applications | Because of the trademarked ingredients, our revolutionary Epi-Shield and the powerful, scientifically proven powers of Lauricidin® will yield a life changing result. And because it's been proven through extensive laboratory tests to be non-toxic, non-irritating and incredibly effective at conditioning the skin, you don't have to worry about irritation, adverse reactions or dangerous side effects, | Epi-Shield® Can Be Used Daily As A Powerful Moisturizer, | Revitalizing Skin |Providing A Youthful Glow And A Sense Of Rejuvenation So Incredible You Can Feel The Difference Within Minutes Of Application | It's strong enough to alleviate symptoms of even the most complicated skin conditions, yet gentle enough for daily application to the face and other sensitive areas of the skin....In fact, many of our customers originally try Epi-Shield® to alleviate symptoms of a skin problem, but end up using it daily because they love the way it makes their skin feel immediately after use....It's perfect for anyone who works with their hands, spends a lot of time on their feet, is frequently exposed to the elements or simply enjoys having smooth, comfortable skin... Effective PROVEN Results For A Wide Range Of Symptoms It's Proven To Be Safe, Gentle, Non-Toxic And Contains No Abrasive Chemicals Or Potentially Harmful Drugs.


Product Title: Lauricidin® Epi-Shield 4oz jar

Manufacturer: Lauricidin®

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