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Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. The essence of the Australian forest is captured in our delicately soothing Tea Tree Oil Cream. Tea Tree is a pure oil, culled from the leaves of an evergreen tree native to Australia. Tea Tree Oil Cream indulges your skin while protecting it. Designed to be used anytime, Tea Tree Oil Cream is especially soothing on areas where you seek maximum protection.The Australian standards require that the oil of Melaleuca alternifolia must be composed of less than 15% cineole and over 30% terpinen-4-ol. Our superior grade of Tea Tree Oil is meticulously analyzed to ensure that it exceeds these levels of oil quality standards decreed by the Australian government. Our Tea Tree Oil is composed of less than 5% cineole and over 35% terpinen-4-ol which qualifies for Pharmaceutical Grade, as established by the Australian Tea Tree Oil Industry Association.

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skincare type: Cream


Product Title: Herbal Authority Tea Tree Oil Cream-4 Cream

Manufacturer: Herbal Authority

Lowest Price: $6.77 from Puritans Pride

Power Score: 4.5 | 4 Reviews

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Great pricing/fast delivery/great product

Works wonders for my husbands psorisis on his elbows. Smells awful tho. Can't you add something to make it smell better or not at all??

By xiumin3 on Puritans Pride - Apr 1, 2013

Great Cream

This cream leaves my skin smooth and soft and absorbs quickly but the fragrance is wicked. Great price for the quantity received. I use it as a general cream on face, hands etc. A natural (organic) fragrance should be added.

By thedennis1 on Puritans Pride - Jan 10, 2013

It is very good product and reasonable price as well.

It is very good product and reasonable price as well.

By MammaE on Puritans Pride - Oct 24, 2012

poor service


By jmblazers on Puritans Pride - Sep 14, 2012

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