George's "Always Active" Always Active Aloe Herbal Rubdown 8 fl oz

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George's Always Active Aloe Herbal Rubdown -- 8 fl oz


Product Title: George's "Always Active" Always Active Aloe Herbal Rubdown 8 fl oz

Manufacturer: George's "Always Active"

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Power Score: 5 | 3 Reviews

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This product is beyond great

I have severe arthritis in my knees, one has had surgery, the other is bone on bone and they cannot do surgery. I was to the point of such terrible paid it was unbearable and then I got George's Aloe Always active Rubdown. It is the best product I have ever used. I have recommended it to someone else who has bought and gave a bottle to another friend just today.

By Badkneeslady on Vitacost - Feb 26, 2013

I use it for shoulder pain

I have used this product for years and was interduced to it by my chiropractor. I use it every night to take away my shoulder pain so I can sleep. Your price is great. My chiropractor used to charge my 15.00 dollars then I bought it direct from the manufacturer but they will not sell it to me direct any more.So they recommended you.Thank you for handling this great product.

By TruckLover76 on Vitacost - Sep 17, 2012

George's "Always Active"? Aloe Herbal Rubdown

This product is excellent. Has a pretty strong smell but is the best I have found to aid tired, stiff aching muscles.

By ktkay on Vitacost - May 17, 2011

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