Herbal Authority Tea Tree Oil Soap-2.5 oz Bars


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From Product Label:Vegetable-Based FormulaTea Tree is a pure oil, culled from the leaves of a tree (Melaleuca alternifolia), native to Australia. Traditionally, it has been used as a topical agent for the skin. The Australian standard requires that the oil of Melaleuca alternifolia must be composed of less than 15% cineloe and over 30% terpinen-4-ol. Holland Barrett Tea Tree Oil is meticulously analyzed to ensure that it exceeds the level of oil quality decreed by the Australian government.


Product Title: Herbal Authority Tea Tree Oil Soap-2.5 oz Bars

Manufacturer: Herbal Authority

Lowest Price: $5.57 from Puritans Pride

Power Score: 4.8 | 29 Reviews

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Great Product

I love how this soap feels on my skin. Its very refreshing with no residue. I also love the smell.

By TGK57 on Puritans Pride - Jun 8, 2013

very mild

i have allergies and dry flaking skin especially in winter this soap works better than most for me

By NIc on Puritans Pride - Jun 5, 2013

great product

i enjoy the tea tree soap as much as any other product. I am one of those outdoors guys who can really sweat and, i enjoy working in the garage and getting my hands and consequently, other things, neck back, etc...dirty and i smell rough when the grease and grime have accumulated. This soap will take that smell away, make your ruff skin feel good again and invigorate you. And it is so cost...
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By 22 on Puritans Pride - May 31, 2013

Good soap

I ordered this product for my husband who is suffering terribly with nummular exzema. We are trying to get away from chemicals. The smell is pleasant; I just wish the bars were a little larger.

By jenn35 on Puritans Pride - May 30, 2013

great product, not sticky

This soap is great. I was a little worried because tea tree oil is so strong and I don't like the smell of it. This soap has a strong scent in the shower but after rinsing you just smell clean. I walked around having people smelling me to make sure. I had others try it because I had no residue. They liked it so much I just ordered another shipment.

By devil1 on Puritans Pride - May 17, 2013

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