Tranquil Ease Llc The Heated Stadium Seat. Sys-1710-Bl-Bc 82786

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This patented folding stadium seat has adjustable heating elements in its bottom and back to keep you comfortably warm during sporting events, camping trips, or other outdoor activities. The seat warms quickly up to 115u00BA F and generates heat for up to three hours, switching on and off automatically when you sit and stand to conserve battery life. Covered in water-resistant ballistic-grade nylon, the seat has a metal frame and soft padding for support and comfort and folds to just 4 thick for easy transport with the built-in carrying strap. Its superior features include quick-adjust support straps for convenient sizing, non-slip pads on the seat's bottom, reinforced corners and edges, and an exterior pocket. Built-in rechargeable battery provides up to three hours of warmth (the duration of a typical football game) from an eight-hour charge with the included AC adapter. Supports up to 250 lbs. 18 H x 18 W x 4 D. (5 1/4 lbs.)


Product Title: Tranquil Ease Llc The Heated Stadium Seat. Sys-1710-Bl-Bc 82786

Manufacturer: Tranquil Ease Llc

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