Nosefrida USA LLC Nosefrida Snot Sucker Nasal Aspirator

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If your baby is like most, the mere sight of the bulbous nasal aspirator is enough to send her into a screaming conniption. It's time for an upgrade. The Nosefrida Nasal Aspirator is one of the most ingenious products on the market- a nasal aspirator that actually works, causes no discomfort, and totally clears your baby's nose in seconds. Learning how to use the Nosefrida is a bit disenchanting, but bear with us. This doctor-developed and doctor-recommended tool features a tube that is placed against (not inside) baby's nostril. Aided by the power of suction, parents use their mouths to draw mucus out of the nose. There are disposable filters to prevent any bacterial transfer. We absolutely, positively promise that no drainage from your baby's nose will arrive, uninvited, into your mouth. If you're not sold yet, ask a friend who owns one- you won't be disappointed.


Product Title: Nosefrida USA LLC Nosefrida Snot Sucker Nasal Aspirator

Manufacturer: Nosefrida USA LLC

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Nosefrida... A Lifesaver!!

Strengths: N/A

Weakness: N/A

Nosefrida has been a real lifesaver for us, our pediatrician recommended it for our infant son who has RSV, she uses it on her own kids and swears by it too. It's really quick and very easy to clean. We recommend this product highly.

By anonymous; - Dec 4, 2007

This thing really sucks (in a good way)!

Strengths: Effective and instant relief to congested babies

Weakness: Not available in stores yet.

Our 6 month old had an uncloggable nose. I searched the Internet hoping to find a logical solution to help him out and happened upon the NoseFrida website. This was just what I envisioned and sure enough it existed! NoseFrida is form and function in simple brilliance. All you do is place the end of the collection tube in the baby’s nose and the other end in your mouth. Now suck. Instant relief...
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By anonymous; - Oct 10, 2007

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