Tanita Cardio Heart Rate Monitor

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Regularly monitoring your heart rate may be a reliable way of determining fitness. Do it easily!


Product Title: Tanita Cardio Heart Rate Monitor

Manufacturer: Tanita

Power Score: 5 | 2 Reviews

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Great device to monitor pulse of people that are sick, As well as those who are exercising. Great for clinical use and home use.

Strengths: Provides a very accurate pulse rate for individuals that need to use it for exercising or those that are providing home health care for the sick. It is light weight and very easy to carry around.

Weakness: It would be even better if it had a back light to view in dark areas. This is not a major problem because the view is large print. A Back Light would be a plus.

This item is great for all people and ages. For caregivers it helps access the patience situation. Being that it comes with a neck strap (Lanyard) keeps it in reach while working. For those who have medical concern and have trouble taking their own pulse this is a wonderful instrument to have. And for those that want to get the most out of their cardiovascular exercise this provided your...
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By pjfktz - Apr 12, 2007

Tanita BC554 Ironman

Strengths: Works as advertised

Weakness: You have to remember to conduct measurements at same time every day. No convenient way to measure/compare your readings to normal healthy readings. Working knowledge of physiological norms required.

It's a great product for the active athlete. You can get it for about $20 cheaper on EBay (buy-it-now). I paid $118 for mine which included the shipping. I think it's a little overpriced personally but it gives great information and I don't know of any other product that does all this for the low price of under $150.

By anonymous; - May 18, 2006

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