Oregon Scientific PE316PM Pedometer with Pulse Monitor

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This product has several unique features that are useful to an individual who is active or frequently walks or runs. A pulsemeter, pedometer, calorie counter, and count-up timer, this unit can monitor and display important information for a variety of exercise routines or walking activities. Designed for ease-of-use, this product has a clip that snugly attaches to clothing. Its lightweight and small size gives this product a trouble free quality.


Product Title: Oregon Scientific PE316PM Pedometer with Pulse Monitor

Manufacturer: Oregon Scientific

Power Score: 3.7 | 3 Reviews

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Good Product and Worth the Money!

Strengths: Has alot of features in a small unit and is very affordable from a well known manufacturer.

Weakness: I found the clip was difficult to open but after a couple of days it was much easier. I also found that when I was driving in my car the pedometer was registering steps--I guess bad roads...........

It's a great product that will keep you motivated and will let you know when you are not being as active as you should be. Compared to other units on the market it has a lot of features that others don't. Also, the pulse meter is not very quick so do not purchase this unit if you want to use this feature for running, etc. more geared toward walking.

By jcjewels - Jun 20, 2006

Great Product for the Money

Strengths: Has alot of functions for the money. Compacy design, variable settings to set the unit just right for your weight, stride and sensitivity (how heavy you step).

Weakness: The clip to open the unit is a little difficult if you have long nails but you can get used to it.

I highly recommend this unit for anyone wanting to know how much activity they are getting during the day as well as anyone who wants to measure distance. It motivates you from day to day just to know measure how active you are or if your not active enough.

By deforgel - May 20, 2006

An Cheap an OK Pedometer

Strengths: small and can measure pulse rate

Weakness: Hard to open the case

I bought this Pedometer as a gift to my Mom. I like its ability to measure the pulse because my Mom has heart problem. However, I think the design of the cover latch is very poor. I need to squeeze the whole box then push the latch with my nail to open it. It is very hard to open especially for my Mom. And it is made of plastic, I guess after a while, the cover latch part of the cover will be...
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By riverseow - Dec 13, 2005

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