Omron HJ-720ITC USB Pocket Pedometer

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The new Omron HJ-720ITC is the most advanced pedometer with USB Connection and PC Software to date! It is now easy to track days, weeks, months, and years of exercise on your PC. The exclusive dual sensor technology allows you to carry your pedometer in your pocket or bag with extreme accuracy, with an error rate of less than 1%. USB connection allows connection and download of data to your PC with included software Measures steps, aerobic steps, time spent walking, calories, and distance Pedometer memory allows recall of previous 7 days data, day-by-day, category-by-category 41 day memory capacity - holds walking data for 41 days before transfer to PC is necessary Automatically resets at midnight each day - ready to go each morning Time of day clock Holster-style clip with included safety strap Weighs 1.25 ounces with battery Package includes: pedometer, holster clip, CR2032 battery, screwdriver, manual, USB cable, software Software requires Windows 2000, XP, or Vista operating system


Product Title: Omron HJ-720ITC USB Pocket Pedometer

Manufacturer: Omron

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Power Score: 4.2 | 10 Reviews

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Danimals First Impressions of the HJ-720ITC

Strengths: The software! I had used the HJ-112 for a couple of years now, the memory function was great, but I had nothing to log my activities or chart progress. Now I do...

Weakness: Software doesn't allow for manual inputs if you had used a different meter...

It's functional and not overly difficult to setup for use. The hardest part was the software and figuring out what exactly my daily goals were going to be, trying to keep them reasonable and worthy. As for now I'm logging my daily activity and will comment more at a latter date. I would recommend this to anyone who has an interest in their daily walking or jogging statistics such as distance,...
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By Danimal58 - Jul 11, 2009

A great buy! - Very accurate!

Strengths: Will tolerate tilt - much more than other pedometers. Perfectly accurate. Safety strap is great, as pedometer clip will come off your pants from time to time.

Weakness: Only weakness is it doesn't count steps if you are just stepping around for a few seconds here or there - e.g while cooking, moving from counter to cooker. Must be walking at least 4 sec before counts.

Great pedometer - very accurate, even when it is tilted on my waist. Used other pedometers that missed steps if it was tilted. Also, this pedometer can sit anywhere on your waist - even at side - doesn't need to be right in middle by belt buckle like other pedometers. I had gone through 7 cheap pedometers in the past 2 months - all either stopped working, overcounted or undercounted. This more...
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By roisinoc1 - Oct 29, 2008

Pedometers have come a long way!

Strengths: Small, accurate, flexible positioning, computer connection

Weakness: Tough to access the (non-rechargable) battery, must be calibrated, no backlight,

As any computer geek, the first thing that appealed to me about this model (over the otherwise identical HJ-112 model which is $10 cheaper) is that it's got a miniUSB connector to hook it up to a computer. I've used that capability only once (typical for me) but I love knowing it's there in case I want to get really nerdy about tracking my steps. This model also has the ability to transmit its...
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By d_esmond - Aug 31, 2008

Don't waste your money

Strengths: none that I can tell, except that it tells the correct time

Weakness: It is completely inaccurate.

I bought this pedometer while training for a marathon and I wear it on my shorts band. It works well for the first mile or so but then after that it stops reading the distance accurately. It read 0.5 miles for every mile I ran. To top it off, because I have had it longer than 30 days, I can't return it. Seriously don't waste your money on this.

By chrislegs - Jul 2, 2008

Omron Pedometer

Strengths: Easy to use, super quiet. Monitors aerobic activity.

Weakness: A little larger than other pedometers.

This seems to be a very well made and full function pedometer. It is so quiet I forget that I am wearing it. I keep it attached to my belt and it appears to be very accurate. I have not installed the software yet since the pedometer lets me view the last 7 days of activity right on the display. Everything resets to zero at midnight so it is very easy to use.

By jvogel - Jun 16, 2008

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