Traditional Medicinals Organic Mother's Milk Tea-16 Tea Bags


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Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Caffeine Free Promotes Healthy Lactation A pleasantly aromatic balance of sweet, spicy and slightly bitter Organic Mothers Milk promotes healthy lactation and is traditionally used to increase breast milk production. This traditional combination of anise, fennel and coriander has been used for centuries by European women, often recommended by lactation counselors and medical herbalists. Unless prescribed otherwise, drink one cup of freshly prepared tea 3 to 5 times daily throughout your nursing experience. organic mother's milk tea ,mothers milk ,mother tea ,mothers tea ,traditional medicinals ,mothers milk tea


Product Title: Traditional Medicinals Organic Mother's Milk Tea-16 Tea Bags

Manufacturer: Traditional Medicinals

Lowest Price: $3.99 from Puritans Pride

Power Score: 4.7 | 15 Reviews

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Mother's Milk Tea

This site sells this tea cheaper than any other place I have looked. Great price!

By nikki24 on Puritans Pride - May 23, 2013

fast shipping

highly recommended to me. I do nor care for the taste but I want to take for my daughters benefit

By Misty7 on Puritans Pride - Mar 29, 2013

Great Tea!

Excelent! I am using it for over six months now and breastfeeding my baby for nine months being back at work full time. Great quality for reasonable price!

By Lyala on Puritans Pride - Dec 25, 2012

Love it

I like the taste of this tea so much I might just keep drinking it even after I'm no longer nursing.

By Azer on Puritans Pride - Nov 27, 2012


Simply put...Did not Increase my milk supply. Had atleast 3cups a day and nothing. I wouldnt bother if I where you.

By Anamika on Puritans Pride - Aug 23, 2012

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