Traditional Medicinals Organic Ginger Tea-16 Tea Bags


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Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. From the ManufacturerPromotes Healthy DigestionCaffeine FreeDrinking ginger tea can help relieve digestive upsets including gas and occasional indigestion.Gingers beneficial effects on stomach function have been proven in pharmacological studies.Drink 3 cups daily, 30 minutes before meals to warm and prepare your digestive tract for food or after meals if youve over-eaten or feel bloated.How does it taste? Agreeably pungent and spicy.


Product Title: Traditional Medicinals Organic Ginger Tea-16 Tea Bags

Manufacturer: Traditional Medicinals

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Power Score: 5 | 2 Reviews

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This ginger tea is just right you can smell and taste the ginger - its not too weak or too strong. A good drink beside my normal green tea. I have no complaints. Again another good product from a happy customer.

By California on Puritans Pride - Feb 1, 2013

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I drink this daily before and between meals. It warms the digestive tract and is a mild energy stimulant. One tea bag can be used several times, if you are being thrifty. At full strength, this ginger tea is very strong and peppery. I trust Traditional Medicinals completely, and the Puritan price is waaay below retail!

By Kris46 on Puritans Pride - Nov 8, 2011

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