Atlantic Technology Regal Granulated Garlic 12 oz.


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Add some zest to your entrees with Regal Granulated Garlic! Use this granulated seasoning as a quick and easy substitute for fresh garlic. It's easy to use, requires less labor and prep time, and has a longer shelf life than fresh garlic. A member of the onion family, garlic has a pungent and spicy flavor. This garlic has a balanced texture- not too grainy but not to powdery. Use Regal Granulated Garlic to add flavor to stocks, soups, sauces, braises, and stews. Sprinkle on bread to make garlic bread in a snap! iNote: Best if rehydrated before using. When substituting for whole garlic gloves: 1/2 tsp. of granulated garlic in 1 tsp. of water is the equivalent of approximately 2 garlic cloves. /i Contains 12 oz. of product.07059 from ATLANTIC BEVERAGE COMPANY


Product Title: Atlantic Technology Regal Granulated Garlic 12 oz.

Manufacturer: Atlantic Technology

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