Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup Condensed - 50 oz. Can


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Classic savory broth, tender chicken meat, and soft noodles combine to make this Campbell?s chicken noodle soup irresistible! Sold in more than 100 countries and promising a time-honored nostalgic taste, there's nothing quite like Campbell's for high quality soups in classic flavors. This chicken noodle soup offers a tasty and familiar flavor that?s a worthy addition to the menu of your school, health care facility, restaurant, hotel, or diner. Featuring the hearty taste of cooked chicken with calcium-enriched egg noodles, this soup will leave your guests full and satisfied, either served alone or paired with your favorite sandwiches or salads. For fresh meal ideas, add to its taste by mixing in rice, celery, carrots, or corn! This soup can also be used as an ingredient in stews and casseroles. With its homemade taste, this soup is a great way to quickly and efficiently provide great service to your customers while saving you kitchen 02301 from ATLANTIC BEVERAGE COMPANY


Product Title: Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup Condensed - 50 oz. Can

Manufacturer: Campbell's

Lowest Price: $3.69 from WEBstaurant Store

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