Simply Organic Grilling Seasons Chicken Seasoning -- 2.3 oz

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Dont be chicken when it comes to seasoning your poultry, try Simply Organic convenient shake on seasoning.


Product Title: Simply Organic Grilling Seasons Chicken Seasoning -- 2.3 oz

Manufacturer: Simply Organic

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Power Score: 5 | 3 Reviews

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Tastes Great & Healthy Too!

I've used Simply Organic Grilling Seasons Chicken Seasoning for years. I add it to eggs, soups, vegetables, nuts, popcorn, etc. I wish they sold it by the pound as it would save me $ & would save the environment by producing less glass bottles.

By Graciee on Vitacost - Apr 2, 2013

Simply Organic Grilling Seasoning for Chicken

I have used this product three times since I first purchased it and I like it. I will purchase it again. I have told my sister about it as well because she and her husband do a lot of grilling during the summer months. This seasoning has a unique tang to it which I enjoy so I would tell anyone to try this product at least once. Its great on mashed potatoes and yams too, by the way.

By Zeferina on Vitacost - May 6, 2012

MORE THAN just chicken

Whoever named it chicken seasoning, did it an injustice...this item is delish on just about anything. Adds lots of flavor to your dish. Ive tried on roasted butternut squash, potatoes,'s my new seasoning of choice! love it!

By Bri2005 on Vitacost - Apr 22, 2012

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