Innova Ark Naturals Sea Mobility Mighty Minis Beef Jerky -- 4 oz

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Studies show that by combining these powerful ingredients: glucosamine, sea cucumber, chondroitin sulfate and MSM you may also help increase your pet's range of motion, support health cartilage growth and help alleviate aches and pains associated with daily exercise.


Product Title: Innova Ark Naturals Sea Mobility Mighty Minis Beef Jerky -- 4 oz

Manufacturer: Innova

Power Score: 4.8 | 4 Reviews

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Brand New Pets!

My kids are both 14 (dog and cat) in great health. I started giving them one mini a day during the winter as a preventative measure. Within 2 weeks they had softer coats, brighter eyes, and were even more playful. I highly recommend these to anyone with a pet over 9 or 10. If you're going to give a treat, why not give one that will help them age better? And at such a low price, it's officially...
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By Kittyglitter on Vitacost - Aug 13, 2009

What a difference!

My dog turned 12 this past April. When she went to the vet for her annual check-up he told me he could feel some slipping in her left hip joint. He explained that it was not very bad, but it was a progressive thing and needed attention so stop wearing of the joint. He told me to start her on a product like this so I shopped around and found a few bags of these on another site (more expensive I...
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By willym65 on Vitacost - Aug 13, 2009

Best purchase I have made

My yorkie broke her leg when she was 4 months old. She needed surgery. she had a rod with 4 screws placed in her paw. 2 mo. later it was removed. When she got up from resting she would limp for a few minutes. Vet told me to put her onGlucosamine. Every morning she gets Mighty Mini.She no longer limps and the Vet is satisfied with her progress. Ark Naturals" Best and most effective for her needs.

By Barb0427 on Vitacost - Aug 13, 2009

Dogs LOVE these, but they are too expensive

My dogs LOVE these, but very few come in a bag, and we can't afford to buy or give enough for them to take the recommended amount for the health benefits...otherwise I would have given it a perfect score for everything. I don't know how effective they are for joint health, since I couldn't afford to give our dogs the recommended amount.

By RayRayWisdom on Vitacost - Aug 13, 2009

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