Time Healthy Snacks Jumbo Corn Nuts-8 oz-Bag

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Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Jumbo sized salty Corn Nuts. Eat these as a snack any time or use as an ingredient in snack mixes or trail blends.


Product Title: Time Healthy Snacks Jumbo Corn Nuts-8 oz-Bag

Manufacturer: Time

Power Score: 3.7 | 3 Reviews

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Excellent Product

This was the first time we had tried these, and they are great! I am ordering more right now. Great to grab as a quick snack, delicious taste. I wish there were some "saltless" corn nuts, but the sodium listed in the nutritional facts part of the label, not bad.

By Wadya on Puritans Pride - Jan 21, 2014

Rancid Trash

I had told my children of the huge corn nuts and when I saw them I bought them. After getting the package invited them over and gave each a package. I knew there was trouble when a daughter spit them out on a napkin. I aked her what was the matter and she said did you taste these dad? Why should I have to they are from Puritan's Pride. Well I tasted one from each bag and they were trash!!

By Daubey on Puritans Pride - Dec 4, 2012


Horrible product with no flavor at all. The nuts look like they were soaked in water the night before and then stir fried with some cheap salt and chemicals. Unfortunately i got two (buy 1 get 1 free) and 1 bag remains unopened while the other has had only 1/10th of it consumed...

By Bubble on Puritans Pride - Sep 27, 2012

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