Healthy Snacks Pistachios Red, Roasted Salted-8 oz-Bag

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Healthy Snacks Pistachios Red, Roasted Salted-8 oz-Bag :Red pistachio nuts are one of the snacks you probably loved as a kid. Originally, they were dyed to cover their imperfections when they were grown in the Middle East. Nowadays, they are dyed to a bright red color for tradition. Pistachios are a popular snack, and chock-full of nutrients, such as thiamin, potassium, fiber, phytosterols, magnesium and Vitamin B6. These taste the same as natural pistachios though the double process of dying and roasting makes them a bit more crunchy.pistachios red roasted salted ,healthy snacks ,pistachios ,health snacks ,pistachios health ,pistachio health


Product Title: Healthy Snacks Pistachios Red, Roasted Salted-8 oz-Bag

Manufacturer: Healthy Snacks

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exactly what we wanted

Enjoyed every one. Great flavor , will definitely order again

By cyn8 on Puritans Pride - Jan 20, 2013

High quality, convenient size, well packed

Red pistachios are hard to find, and my dad insists on them. I decided to give these a chance. I liked that the bags were sealed 8 oz., so he could open one at a time. Good price, very convenient. They were shipped quickly and packed extremely well. I couldn't have been more pleased. Will gladly order from again.

By indigopotter on Puritans Pride - Jan 12, 2013

Like finding a long time friend that you have missed.

It is very hard to find red pistachios which we have eaten since an early age. So we were so pleased that you carry them. They're very fresh and easy to open and didn't get red fingers which surprised me. The price was good and was delivered,as usual, on time and in perfect condition. I also recommend the pineapple slices, they were so crisp and tender, couldn't stop munching.

By auge on Puritans Pride - Dec 4, 2012

Simply the best!

Product is fresh, tastes great, and was delivered quickly. What more can you ask for?

By Skipper26 on Puritans Pride - Nov 6, 2012


The red pistachio's were great. Good price & delivered on time...thanks

By Kenny4711 on Puritans Pride - Aug 25, 2012

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