Atlantic Technology Regal Celery Seed - 8 oz.


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Spice up your pantry with Regal celery seed! Celery seed comes from the dried fruit of the Apium graveolens herb that is related, but not identical to, the celery vegetable. With its warm and slightly bitter taste, it has been described as being similar to fennel or anise. Celery seed can be used whole or ground with salt to make celery salt. Celery seed is very small in size with a light brown color. It is popularly used in making pickles, coleslaw, potato salad, or macaroni salad. The unique taste of celery seed pairs well with eggs, tomatoes, potatoes, or in stuffing. It can even be used to make fruit salad dressing, meat loaf dishes, or soups. Regal Herbs and Spices are a smart addition to any kitchen. This handy 8 oz. container is easily accessible for your cooking and seasoning needs. Be sure to check out our quantity discounts for even better wholesale savings! Contains 8 oz. of product.07023 from ATLANTIC BEVERAGE COMPANY


Product Title: Atlantic Technology Regal Celery Seed - 8 oz.

Manufacturer: Atlantic Technology

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