Time Healthy Snacks Sweetened Banana Chips-6 oz-Container

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Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Delicious dried slices of honeyed banana offer a sweet taste and make a great snack!


Product Title: Time Healthy Snacks Sweetened Banana Chips-6 oz-Container

Manufacturer: Time

Power Score: 4.6 | 7 Reviews

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They never last very long in our house, sometimes getting opened as we're unpacking our order. Great crunchy snack food!

By SBYCT on Puritans Pride - Jun 22, 2013

Some were pretty tough to bite

I love banana chips but I'm worried of cracking my last remaining natural teeth for those tough chips to grind. This one is no exception. The price is very affordable, though. Most of the chips are easy to grind but I often got surprises for biting the tough ones. Had I bought this product 20 years ago, it will probably not bother me at all. But because my teeth are now simply technologicaly...
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By amydoodles on Puritans Pride - Jun 7, 2013

Sweet & Crunchy

I like banana chips because they taste good and have a good texture!

By Overcomer98 on Puritans Pride - May 30, 2013


A nice crunchy snack, these banana chips went fast in my house. They had excellent flavor.

By tcmomof2 on Puritans Pride - May 29, 2013

sweet interlude

need a break, a cup of coffee and a few banana chips are the ideal pick-me-up. Or tuck some in your pocket for a snack while walking, ideal for hiking and definitely keep some in the car- they do not freeze or melt and do not get soggy or stale. A healthy sweet intermission treat for anytime, anywhere.

By wildrose on Puritans Pride - Dec 21, 2012

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