Walden Farms Calorie Free Dressing Caesar -- 12 fl oz

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Just the right touch of the world's finest aged vinegars, fresh ground herbs and spices, triple filtered water and natural flavors makes Walden Farms Caesar delicious and perfect when trying to eat right.Calorie FreeSugar FreeFat FreeGluten FreeCarbohydrate FreeCholesterol Free


Product Title: Walden Farms Calorie Free Dressing Caesar -- 12 fl oz

Manufacturer: Walden Farms

Lowest Price: $3.99 from Tiger Fitness Inc.

Power Score: 3.3 | 9 Reviews

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These all contain the horrible sweetener sucralose

Seems like every Walden Farms product contains sucralose, and propyl glycol, both really bad ingredients. Instead try the HCG approved dressings and sauces on www.hcgperfectportions.com they only contain stevia! Much better for your health and they are really good!

By healthychick on Vitacost - Apr 4, 2013

This dressing is deeelicious

Walden farms calorie free casear dressing is just what i have been needing to enjoy my salads without putting on extra pounds!! Since losing weight I have been trying to eat low calorie foods but could never find a dressing that had no added sugars and was low in calories until i discovered this line of salad dressings. It not only has no calories and sugars but it is also free of glutens too!!...
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By debbiej64 on Vitacost - Feb 26, 2013

Perfect salad dressing with no calories.

I use the Walden Farms salad dressings every day. The Caesar dressing is my favorite. It taste so good you would think there is no way this product can be calorie free, but it is. I am so happy the Walden Farms created calorie free products. I stretch my calories like I do my money. I found that purchasing my Walden Farms products from Vistacost has saved me a lot of money. Their prices are great...
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By Dcyr009 on Vitacost - Feb 26, 2013

Great taste!!

I am on a diet at this time and love salads. I love this dressing on my salads with my grilled chicken. My two daughters even eat the salads with this dressing on it and love it.

By Hotjam on Vitacost - Sep 29, 2012

Liquid Fish

I did not enjoy the flavor of this salad dressing. Walden Farms makes delicious calorie free products, but this is not one of them. It has a strong taste of fish and lemon. I realize these two flavors usually go together, but they do not work as a salad dressing. Since I did not want to waste the bottle I used it as a dipping sauce for celery and cucumber. It was more tolerable because they have...
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By Ireviewforyou on Vitacost - Sep 24, 2012

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