Simply Organic Vanilla Extract 4 fl oz


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There's nothing plain about this vanilla. Pure. Organic. Exotic. Anyone who calls our vanilla plain just doesn't know beans.This extra-rich and creamy vanilla is perfect for baking and bears social benefits that make it all the more sweet. Our extract is made using the highest quality, Bourbon vanilla beans from Madagascar.


Product Title: Simply Organic Vanilla Extract 4 fl oz

Manufacturer: Simply Organic

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Power Score: 4.7 | 19 Reviews

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Excellent product!

This is really good vanilla - I use a lot of it! Never used to put vanilla extract in my smoothies, but I do now - makes them taste so much better! I also like that it's organic, of course!

By artcountry1 on Vitacost - Apr 13, 2013

This product is smooth & tasty!

I've been searching for just the right flavor & this product is the best. I would highly recommend it.

By nkaytas61 on Vitacost - Apr 13, 2013

great vanilla

I love this stuff. Cheaper than what you can buy at the regular stores, I don't pay shipping with the other products that I order and the quality is super. I also buy the almond.

By Kat13 on Vitacost - Mar 22, 2013

Thumbs Up

My husband and I use a lot of vanilla in pancakes, French toast, smoothies, waffles and other batters. This vanilla smells and tastes great.

By BAS1 on Vitacost - Mar 10, 2013

This product has a great taste

There is nothing fake about this product the company delivers what the consumer wanted.

By Brooklynite on Vitacost - Mar 1, 2013

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