Generic San-J Organic Reduced Sodium Gluten Free Tamari Soy Sauce -- 20 fl oz


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Reduced Sodium San-J gluten Free Tamari is a premium soy sauce that is naturally brewed with 100% whole soyeans and no wheat whereas regular soy sauce is made with 40-60% wheat.Higher concentration of soy protein from whole soybeans gives Reduced Sodium San-J Tamari a richer and milder taste than regular soy sauceReduced Sodium San-J Gluten Free Tamari has more flavor enhancing properties than salt. Reduce sodium intake and enjoy the full flavor of your dish by adding 1 tsp. Tamari (233 mg sodium) instead of 1/4 tsp. salt (550 mg sodium)Stir fry or marinate poultry, meat, seafood, vegetables and tofu. Add 1-2 tsp. to perk up sauces, soups, gravies and casseroles.


Product Title: Generic San-J Organic Reduced Sodium Gluten Free Tamari Soy Sauce -- 20 fl oz

Manufacturer: Generic

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Great for marinating

Been using this brand for many years- good to find here- husband uses in a chicken marinade and Iuse when I want something salty- In iron pan heat raw sunflower seeds and pepitas and toast a little, let cool and add a little San-J tamari!

By Bellavie on Vitacost - May 1, 2013

great tasting can't tell its gluten free

I love soy sauce and use it often, but am concerned about the sodium. And I got the gluten free because I was on a trial of being gluten free. I am not gluten free any longer, but I am trying to reduce my consumption of wheat. I continue to use this product as it tastes just like the regular, wheat and full sodium soy sauce and it achieves this without adding strange ingredients like so many "___...
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By cappyarchie on Vitacost - Apr 29, 2013

good !

organic and reduced sodium and gluten free. thats what i need.

By mooe on Vitacost - Mar 31, 2013

Excellent taste

Good taste, seems very similar to soy sauce. We use it in stir fry all the time. They need to sell this as a 2 pack.

By michmad1 on Vitacost - Mar 20, 2013

Won't go back to regular soy sauce

I've used this product for years, but it is expensive so I cringe when it is time to buy. I was thrilled to find it here at vitacost. It's still expensive as compared to regular soy sauce, but more reasonable (and convenient;)) than at the local healthfood store- it is not available in your average grocery store.The product itself has a milder, yet richer flavor than standard soy sauce. In...
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By valuqueen on Vitacost - Mar 17, 2013

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