Generic Joyva Sesame Tahini 15 oz


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Tahini is an all natural creamy pure of sesame seeds that has a light nut-like flavor. Because it does not contain emulsifiers or thickeners it may separate.


Product Title: Generic Joyva Sesame Tahini 15 oz

Manufacturer: Generic

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Subtle and Strong

I ordered the Joyva tahini because it's the brand I'd often see used to make hummus when I'd go to friends houses as a child. Planning on using it to make my own hummus, I was feeling too lazy when it actually arrived, so instead mixed it with whatever else I had on hand.Now, I still haven't used it to make hummus, as I'm just too in love with the amazing subtle layer of flavor and texture it...
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By Jimmies on Vitacost - Apr 22, 2013

Love this!! NO SALT!

I've learned to open from the bottom :D Sesame Settles! I also but it in a jar! So I can close it better :D I have use Ziplock small plastic holders! The extra step helps in the long run!

By 1inabillion on Vitacost - Apr 18, 2013

Price and taste are both great!

I LOVE tahini with a LOT of raw crushed garlic in it, and then I use it to dip veggies into.This product is delicious and the price is great.

By cbhop on Vitacost - Feb 26, 2013

Great taste and consistancy

This is the first time I have bought this brand and I will buy again. It has a great taste and is not thick or pasty like other brands I have used.

By newtoraw on Vitacost - Feb 26, 2013

second favorite ingredient in my hummus recipe

although the primary ingredient in my hummus recipe is chickpeas...the tahini is what really gives it the yumminess!

By jer5 on Vitacost - Feb 26, 2013

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