PURCO DISTRIBUTORS Daily's 64 oz. Pina Colada Mix


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Daily's 64 oz. pina colada brings the taste of the Caribbean to your party! Made with the freshest fruit ingredients available and natural fruit flavors, Daily's pina colada mix has captured the flavor of the tropics and packaged it for you to enjoy anywhere, anytime. Perfect for serving top-selling summery cocktails and virgin drinks, this non-alcoholic pina colada mix can even be served without any rum mixed in. To make a classic pina colada, combine 1 oz. rum and 3 oz. Daily?s mix with 1 cup crushed ice in a blender. Blend until smooth and garnish with a fresh pineapple slice for enhanced presentation. It?s that easy! Originally known as Daily Orange Juice Company, Daily?s began their business by providing daily deliveries of fresh juice to their customers. Daily?s line of fruit juice flavors and bar drink flavors eventually expanded to include non-alcoholic mixers, such as this pina colada mix! While Daily?s no longer delivers dooPINA from PURCO DISTRIBUTORS


Product Title: PURCO DISTRIBUTORS Daily's 64 oz. Pina Colada Mix


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