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Created by two candy dippers-Anna and Clair-in the early 1900s, Annaclairs became a Texas favorite when they were sold in a local department store. This heavenly confection is still handmade today, and the vanilla divinity center is just as rich, the fresh pecans just as meaty and succulent as ever. To complete this culinary masterpiece, each cluster is triple-dipped in thick, luscious chocolate. 1 lb. box contains 18 big, mouthwatering Annaclairs in an assortment of milk and dark chocolate.


Product Title: Annaclairs

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Strengths: absolutely delicious

Weakness: None

Is there any place that sells Annaclairs anymore? My Dad always bought these when my mom had a baby. My daughter is having a baby and I would like to continue the tradition. Please help me find this candy.

By anonymous; - Sep 10, 2005

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