Louis Roederer Cristal Brut 2005 Vintage Wine

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Wine Enthusiast rating: 97. Lively, uninterrupted bubbles, with a steady creamy flow. An intensely elegant, rich, ripe bouquet. A succession of white fruits (apple), ripe and juicier yellow fruits (peaches) and slightly sour citrus fruits (mandarin oranges). quite typical Chardonnay notes appear after a few minutes: white flowers (acacia), dried fruit, buttery caramel hints, suggestive of almost vanilla-like pastries. bouquet is striking: its has great aromatic freshness but is already very open and mature. bite is full-bodied, soft and winey. It gives a well-rounded, almost smooth impression with ripe sun-drenched white and yellow fruits. flavors are typical of Chardonnay: accessible, rich, fleshy fruit combined with warm, almost buttery hints. measured bubbles and fresh limestone quality 'stretch' in mouth, giving a pure, graceful impression. finish is slightly tighter with a delicious, lingering, sensuous and almost sweet taSainte This Cristal 2005 stands out from all other Cristal vintages due to its aromatic


Product Title: Louis Roederer Cristal Brut 2005 Vintage Wine

Manufacturer: Louis Roederer

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