Red Envelope craft beer home brew kit

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The only thing better than kicking back with a cold one is kicking back with one made with your own two hands. Featuring pub-worthy craft brew, this home brewing kit puts premium beer in your fridge and a refreshing brew in your glass for results that are truly toast-worthy. Brews one gallon in just 21 days. Made in USA.exclusive beer brewing kit for home use comes with everything you need to begin brewing, including: added components, exclusive to RedEnvelope, carboy brush and hops straining bag guide to craft brewing glass carboy air lock rubber stopper siphoning tube racking cane thermometer funnel malt extract grain hops yeast made in USA we're sorry, but this item cannot ship to the following states: Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oklahoma bottles not included


Product Title: Red Envelope craft beer home brew kit

Manufacturer: Red Envelope