Red Star Yeast Flakes 5 oz


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VSF Yeast Flakes were first manufactured in 1975. this fortified food product is a valuable source of high quality protein, amino acids, vitamin s and fiber.


Product Title: Red Star Yeast Flakes 5 oz

Manufacturer: Red

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Very tasty!

I am not a vegan, but read about this as a flavor enhancer and cheese substitute. I have sprinkled it over steamed vegetables, scrambled eggs, pasta, grits and in sauces and it adds kind of rich umami flavor which is really good and good for you too. I picked this brand based on other reviews and am not disappointed! Will buy again.

By catcrazy on Vitacost - Mar 24, 2013

delicious taste

I use this in place of cheese in many recipes, I put it on eggs, oatmeal and pasta also. There are several brands of yeast, they are all good.

By workitout on Vitacost - Mar 12, 2013

Not all yeast flakes are created the same

This was my first taste of yeast flakes and good thing it was or I probably would never have tried it again. Once I ran out I bought some "bulk" flakes at my local natural foods store. ughhh disgusting! It was very cheap, but not worth it if it is not used.Red Star has a nice cheesy flavor, good on eggs, popcorn, rice... Quite addicting. The bulk brand had a strong taste and not in a good way,...
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By paintednightsky on Vitacost - Feb 26, 2013

Great flavor!

use in various types of meal

By charlie85 on Vitacost - Feb 26, 2013

Not bad, but not the best

All nutritional yeasts are not the same. This was my first choice, but then I tried Kal brand and switched! I suggest you do your own taste test and choose what you prefer.

By ElizabethSays on Vitacost - Feb 26, 2013

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