Nunaturals Pure Liquid Vanilla Stevia Alcohol Free 2 fl oz

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NuNaturals uses a highly concentrated Stevia extract and should not be confused with less potent powdered herbs or extracts. NuNaturals uses plant-based natural flavors that help to make the Stevia products the best tasting ones available. NuStevia is a natural plant extract. The vanilla used in this product is produced from high quality vanilla beans made by Singing Dog Vanilla. This creates a superior tasting vanilla product.


Product Title: Nunaturals Pure Liquid Vanilla Stevia Alcohol Free 2 fl oz

Manufacturer: Nunaturals

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Great flavor

We use this in coffee, yogurt, ice cream and baking recipes; it is delicious. You only need a few drops and I am looking forward to trying other flavors, as well.

By AndiiDee on Vitacost - Apr 5, 2013


A friend recommended this product and I was hesitant. I had tried Stevia before and always experienced an aftertaste or at times intestinal discomfort. NuNaturals Liquid Stevia tastes great and no tummy problems. Now, this is all that I use in my coffee and tea.

By HealthyProf on Vitacost - Mar 22, 2013

wonderful sweetenr

nice vanilla flavor, hardly notice any bitterness like with other stevia (especially the powders). can be used in baking, coffee (yes--even coffee!) or just about any use where sweetener is needed!

By TheBowenworker on Vitacost - Mar 14, 2013

NuNaturals Vanilla A Hit!

if you want to make your own "cream soda", take some NuNaturals Vanilla Alcohol-Free Stevia and some seltzer (sparkling water) - you will swear you're drinking Dr. Brown's Cream Soda - NuNaturals is THAT good - and the best part is - it's NOT overly-sweet but lends just a hint of vanilla sweetness to whatever you put it in....

By andreajesus10 on Vitacost - Feb 26, 2013

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