High Gluten Flour - 50 lb.

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Create hearty artisan breads and specialty whole grain breads with this high gluten premium wheat flour! Keep your bakery or restaurant in good supply with this 50 lb. bag. Essential for making bagels and Kaiser rolls, this flour is also ideal with frozen dough, hearth breads, and thin crust pizzas. Vital wheat gluten is a low cost, natural source of protein. This high gluten flour is backed by research and development to provide top-quality flour that?s focused on one thing?satisfying customers. And since it?s such a fundamental ingredient, it can be used in many popular dishes of different cultures and palates. Through a commitment to agriculture and the environment, the making of this flour transforms crops into vital food products. High gluten flour has its advantages over other types of flour. It has excellent absorption properties in whole-grain breads, enhances structure in cereals and snacks, and provides strength in frozen doGIGANTIC from


Product Title: High Gluten Flour - 50 lb.

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