Drew Estates Sweet Drops Liquid Stevia (Watermelon) by SweetLeaf

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Your friends will love that voodoo that you do when you turn them on to SweetLeaf's Liquid Stevia Flavors. All natural, zero calories, no carbs, infinitely flavorful. At only pennies per drop, you can easily dress up water, coffee, tea, yogurt, cocktails, whip cream, smoothies, ice cubes, and nearly anything else you can dream up. Instantly add a hint of vanilla creme to your coffee (without the calorie cost of artificial flavoring syrups), spice up your yogurt with a little Valencia orange, effortlessly whip up some chocolate raspberry whip cream without adding any calories, jazz up ice cubes with all-natural peppermint flavoring, add a little lemon drop to your martini, or create healthy frozen grape-sicles. Experiment. The uses are only bound by your imagination. Add some flavor to your life while you supplement your diet. Convenient and economical to use Only pennies per drop Zero calories, carbs, and glycemic index A proprietary blend of all natural flavors Can be used in almost anything Great for cooking and baking Try it in water, tea, coffee, whip cream, yogurt, smoothies, ice cubes, or experiment on your own Each bottle contains 2oz. liquid.


Product Title: Drew Estates Sweet Drops Liquid Stevia (Watermelon) by SweetLeaf

Manufacturer: Drew Estates

Lowest Price: $11.06 from Walmart.com

Power Score: 4.0 | 4 Reviews

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Not the best flavor

I have tried a lot of different flavors of liquid stevia products. I like most all of them. Some I put in my kids milk and some I use to flavor water. When I saw the new watermelon flavor I was really excited because I love watermelon and thought that it would be the best flavor yet. Unfortunetly I was dissapointed. It does not taste as good as I expected. Unless you like bitter watermelon try a...
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By Joyce2 on Vitacost - Feb 26, 2013


I have tried almost every one of Wisdom Natural's flavored stevias and this is one of the best. It tastes like a blend between artificial and actual watermelon flavor. It seems to even have a watermelon mouth feel to it. Love it!

By Bananagirl88 on Vitacost - Feb 26, 2013

Not Their Best Flavor but Still Good

I own every flavor made except Cola and Chocolate-Raspberry. My FAVORITE BY FAR is Berry (which Vitacost does NOT have available for order yet so I had to order it from another site). The Watermelon flavor has "almost" an artificial taste and not truly Watermelon; yet instill, it does have a "melon" -think Honeydew- taste and smell. I also find it to be sweeter than most of the other flavors from...
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By beverlyann on Vitacost - Oct 11, 2012


This is not as good as I thought but it is still yummy! It definitely tastes like melon, but not sure it is distinctly watermelon.

By lauraw on Vitacost - Oct 2, 2012

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