Bob's Red Mill Whole Wheat Pastry Flour 5 lbs


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Bob's Red Mill finely ground 100% Whole Wheat Pastry Flour is freshly milled on cool and slow turning, century-old stone-buhr millstones from plump and hearty soft white spring wheat. It contains all of the wheat berry's healthy and natural elements - the germ, endosperm and bran. Use it in place of conventional white flour for your pancake, muffin, cookie, cake or pie crust recipes.


Product Title: Bob's Red Mill Whole Wheat Pastry Flour 5 lbs

Manufacturer: Bob's Red Mill

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Whole grain sub

Makes a great substitution for all purpose flour. Mixes well for all doughs included pasta.

By TexasMommaP on Vitacost - Apr 24, 2013

great product

started using when my husband was diagnosed with diabetes. Use it to replace 1/2 the white flour in my cookie recipe and they taste delicious, not grainy at all. And by using wheat, they are healthier for him to eat. will be using it in other items too!

By briteeyes on Vitacost - Feb 2, 2012


I use this in everthing that calls for flour...nice spring wheat so not heavy and taste great! Love it!

By KingsDaughter76 on Vitacost - Jan 1, 2012

Great Flour!

Very light and fluffy flour, works just as good as any refined flour.

By csillag on Vitacost - Aug 30, 2010

Great for all baking!

I am the baker in my family. I always use this in place of all purpose flour for cookies, cakes and pies even when I'm baking for the extended family on special occasions.

By AudnBrisMom on Vitacost - May 8, 2010

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