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Furniture Reviews

Most Helpful Reviews

3 Star Review Freedom Chair


langdog - (December 12, 2004) While the Humanscale Freedom chair IS comfortable, I personally do not think it's great for some users to be sitting in for long periods of time. It looks great, the seat is comfortable, and it offers good lower back support, but the fact that you cannot lock the backrest into place makes this chair very annoying. In referring to this chair the company states, "movement...shouldn’t be constricted by locking mechanisms and manual controls". This sounds nice but after spending months sitting in this chair I disagree with their credo. At times you definitely DO want the ability to lock certain aspects of your chair in place. If I am sitting working at my PC I don't want the backrest of

3 Star Review Memory Foam 3-inch Mattress Topper (All Sizes)


bradh2 - (October 06, 2004) Not wanting to shell out a lot of money on a new mattress but looking for better sleep and interested in memory foam, I purchased this mattress topper from I have a standard full sized mattress, so I ordered the full size mattress topper. The order and delivery process was fine (though the box is, of necessity, quite large). With anticipation, I unrolled it and arranged it on my bed. To my dismay it didn't cover the horizontal width of the bed, it was too narrow by a few inches. Following the directions on the enclosed flyer, I let it stand for 48 hours to "fully expand", but this did not help the problem. The memory foam is very comfortable and I've convinced myself

5 Star Review Aeron Chair Highly-Adjustable


jcdufour - (September 14, 2004) Altough the chair is expensive, once you sit in it, you wonder why you waited so long to purchase one. The controls are easy to operate and works great. I highly recommend the chair for anyone having back problems and even sciatic nerver problems. You can complement it with a cushion.

Latest Reviews

3 Star Review test

Anonymous User - (02/20/2014)

3 Star Review Elegant, Chic, Minimalist but Has a Weird Angle

jovycortez11 - (01/14/2014) When I first saw this I thought I really like the white leatherette quilted design. It has a classy vibe to it. I've seen this once at an art expo and I really liked it. It suited the lobby of my office in the city. I think it is perfect for places like Art museums. I was surprised that it is quite sturdy and secured even if it has skinny metal legs. But due to the slanted angle of the chair, it becomes so hard to stand up. It would not be a good chair for the family room or receiving area. It is quite low also. And if you have short legs like I do then it would be hard to get up from it. It has a very good quality of materials though. It would have been perfect if it was not angled this way.

5 Star Review Very attractive, pleasing natural colour

Tracebq - (01/13/2014) Excellent product for the price, is better made and looks of better quality than similar more expensive wardrobes I've seen elsewhere

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