Northwest Territory 6ft Fold in Half Table

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Arrange The Perfect Buffet Or Seat A Crowd With Sturdy Tables That Fold In HalfThe6ft Fold In Half Table is perfect for a vast range of hosting needs. Whether you are expecting a large group to attend your family Christmas party or whether you need an extra serving area for your New Year's Eve bash, this durable table is perfect for providing reliable storage and seating space. When the party is finished, you can fold the table and store it conveniently out of the way. Tables That Fold In Half are excellent to have on hand for both planned and impromptu activities. You can put a sturdy folding table in the back of a truck and take it to your favorite family picnic location for a spring get-together, or you can put it in the center of the living room and throw an old blanket over it for a makeshift tent on a rainy day. Strong materials are long lasting, meaning that your investment in this table will accommodate your entertaining needs for many years to come.

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Product Title: Northwest Territory 6ft Fold in Half Table

Manufacturer: Northwest

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