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Outdoor Furniture - Product Reviews

Most Helpful Reviews

5 Star Review Some of the best tables that we have had!


higginius - (January 04, 2006) We got these tables to replace our old wooden tables. They are way better! The old wooden tables would always pinch my fingers and hands when I had to carry them and were very heavy. These are lightweight, but very strong tables. We probably have at least six of them. They look very nice set up during our family parties and match our Lifetime chairs. They can also be used outside.

3 Star Review Replacement Parts for Southern Gentry 3-Seat Swing


donnamg - (December 31, 2004) We purchased this swing two years ago. We really do like it, but we are trying to purchase a replacement canopy and it's like pulling teeth from an alligator! The fabric on the canopy did not hold up well. It got mildew quickly, thus weakening the material, and it blew over in a storm and shredded the top! Now, we cannot find a canopy top replacement. On-line at Wal-Mart, they don't even list a canopy top. When I went digging further, I found the canopy top but it is out of stock, currently unavailable. Will it ever be available? We have a beautiful swing, but no canopy top!

5 Star Review A perfect little cypress swing.


6105davidw - (May 20, 2009) The picture on the web looked good. The actual swing looks even better. A graceful shape, very comfortable to sit in. I would not hesitate to buy from them again. I just need to find another place to hang a swing!

Latest Reviews

5 Star Review Great quality

mlowry83 - (11/30/2013) Pros: Thick durable material adjustable straps multiple stitiching Breathable Cons: None so far

5 Star Review High quality

mlowry83 - (11/30/2013) This cover is far beyond it's competition from what I have experienced. Great quality and long lasting. Would highly recommend.

5 Star Review Best I've ever owned

mlowry83 - (10/30/2013) My wife bought this without me knowing and I am glad she did. The cover was so simple to install, and it fit to the contours exactly. The canvas has held up to over 100mph winds and constant sun. Quality stitches in the reinforced seems. The straps held flawlessly, and the price was not what you would expect for something of this quality.

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